When Life Gets Hard

When life gets hard, do not hide in bed. Clean something instead.

This is a HUGE principle to understand on so many levels.

Life is hard. How do you respond?

Frankly, a lot of average frustrated chumps sit alone, watch TV shows/movies and try to ‘weather-the-storm,’ so to speak. This is so bad for your game, mo-jo, qi, or whatever philosophy you subscribe to.

By doing this you are choosing not to respond to life.

Let’s look at two case studies.

Case #1

David gets rejected by a girl, which in turn, makes him sad. He goes home depressed, lays on his bed and starts catching up on ‘Entourage’ while falling deeper and deeper into a state of depression.

This makes David more depressed as his hormone levels drop from lack of activity, which gives him less energy to do whatever he chooses.

Not having the energy to do whatever David chooses makes him more depressed.

A half-hour turns into an hour, an hour into a few hours, all of a sudden it’s 2 a.m. and David is not any happier, in fact, he is worse off.

Case #2

Steven gets rejected by a girl, which in turn makes him sad. He goes home depressed, lays on his bed and starts catching up on ‘Entourage’ (what guys do when they are depressed). Steven’s mind begins to wander to a state of self-loathing, BUT, Steven remembers this blog and decides to clean something. He drudgingly gets out of bed and starts putting away his clothes in his closet. His mind continues to wander but his body keeps moving. He then vaccums his room and cleans up the filth he was wallowing in. Steven now has accomplished something allowing his brain to release precious chemicals into his brain that affect his mood. In addition, this productivity allows Steven to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

What we learned:

It is easier to be happy when we are taken care of.

Valuing yourself is tangibly shown through maintaining hygiene, sleep, hunger/thirst, exercise.

Having a clean organized living space is good.

Additional Thoughts:

There is always something that can be cleaned.

Sleep is the most important thing you can do with your day. Everything is easier with the right amount of sleep.

Take care of yourself for YOU not just for other people.

Think about how you tend to clean up when you have guests– you are worth that same treatment.

Next time you get down, do not hide in bed. Clean something instead.

Your life will be much better.

I guarantee it.


About pmillegan

21 years old and newly graduated from the University of Oregon. Just got a sweet internship at about.me, and loving it. I am highly passionate about my work, and am always open to new ideas/projects.
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