About.Me Internship Contest

On wednesday 4/4, I got a text message from a friend letting me know about ‘about.me/intern.’

The headline reads “This summer, about.me is giving you the chance to win an unforgettable internship at
The Huffington PostTechCrunchAOL Videoabout.me or AOL Events.”

Immediately I went to work with launching my campaign to win the contest.

This is what my plan has loosely been so far…

Step one: opt-in to contest

Step two: redo my about.me page to make it easier for people to vote and tell Facebook friends/Twitter Followers about my entering in the contest and brand it as a #PSmoovment on twitter

Step three: within 24 hours of contest launching drive to About.me headquarters in Palo Alto from Eugene, Oregon to introduce myself to the about.me team and to get them to vote for me.

Step four: document the whole experience on Twitter and Facebook with tweet/posts/youtube videos

Step five: get to Palo, Alto with no appointment, and talk my way into meeting the team and convince them to vote for me.

Step six:  after meeting the team, drive back to Eugene and pitch my story to news outlets

Step eight: make it easy to vote for me by creating an email reminder on mailchimp that people can opt-into.

Step nine: pick a celebrity to get my supporters to tweet at profusely on a specific day to try and get a RT

Step ten: make profile pictures that my supporters can put as there profile picture

Step eleven: think of more ideas like this, and get the most votes by 4/22

Ready Go!


About pmillegan

21 years old and newly graduated from the University of Oregon. Just got a sweet internship at about.me, and loving it. I am highly passionate about my work, and am always open to new ideas/projects.
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