7 Fast Weeks

It’s been seven weeks since I graduated from the University of Oregon and 6 weeks since I started my internship at about.me. I can easily say that this has been the fastest 7 weeks of my life.

What’s happened in the last 7 weeks:

I live in San Francisco now?

I went to Ikea for the first time in my life and successfully built all my own furniture.

Met the about.me team.

Worked with the about.me team.

Went to my first Giants game with the about.me team.

Started Code Academy-ing like a mad man.

Got Parking Tickets.

Talked start-ups and life with Ryan Freitas.

Spent Fourth of July at a BBQ with the internet (i.e. people who work for all the apps we use and love (Instagram, Path, Twitter… it was crazy)

Got more Parking Tickets.

E-Mailed Olympians and delivered a marketing campaign around them.

Met up with Tony Conrad.

Met the creator of Gumroad.

Went to a happy hour at LaunchRock and got told to go to Start-up Weekend.

Pitched Start-Up Weekend, recruited a team and got third place.

Started applying for my next job post-about.me (if you know anyone give a shout to patrickmillegan@gmail.com).


About pmillegan

21 years old and newly graduated from the University of Oregon. Just got a sweet internship at about.me, and loving it. I am highly passionate about my work, and am always open to new ideas/projects.
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