Snow Day/How I Made 100 dollars

Last night I went to bed with a gazillion things on my mind, and was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed…

Today I woke up to a world that was covered by 6″ of snow and had no electricity.


With my boss telling me not to come into work today, my car being snowed in without a shovel, having no finals, no power, no internet, I had no other choice but to forget about my obligations and build something awesome in the snow. I called up my friend Devin, and built a freakin’ awesome igloo.



On my way back to my house from my igloo adventure, I noticed one of my neighbors (an older lady), trying to shovel the snow off her driveway. Knowing that I had nothing else to do, I walked over to my neighbor, whom I hadn’t me before, and introduced myself and told her that I would love to shovel her driveway  for free. Her name was Linda. She eagerly accepted and 20 minutes later she had a snow free driveway. She thanked me, offered me $20, and the use of her snow shovel. The wheels started turning and Patrick Millegan’s Snow-B-Gone Snow Shoveling service was in business.


I went to the door next to the house I had just shoveled and asked if they would like there driveway cleared for 20 dollars. They were on board, and 20 minutes later I had 20 dollars. I stopped for a moment to bask in my 40 dollars and thought how can I make the most of this? In order to capitalize on this idea, I called a few friends and found someone who was interested in making $10/driveway. I then went door to door for about 30 minutes, found 6 jobs took down their phone numbers, and then texted him the address of people who wanted their driveway shoveled. Upon completion of a house I told him to send me a picture of the shoveled driveway. I found the jobs, and my friend executed. I let the customer know when he was finished by calling them with the number I had taken.


Today I made myself 100 dollars and my friend 60 dollars by using a borrowed snow shovel and my iphone. Pretty cool day.

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